From 1200 BC to the present day, sometimes the tip of an arrow, sometimes the shaft of a wheel, sometimes a horse's shoe has been the iron that gave its name to an era.
In Mardin, iron continues to anneal between the hammer and the anvil in the hands of its masters. It is known that there were about 20 blacksmith shops in the blacksmith's bazaar in the 1970s and many craftsmen from different ethnic cultures worked together. Selahattin Babat, who is a master of this craft, has been working as a blacksmith in Mardin for 45 years. Their efforts came to life on the balustrades of the Grand Mosque, the locks of the Kasımiye Madrasa, and the door knockers of Mardin houses. Selahattin Usta grew up with masters named Armenian Cerçis Varvara and Enis.


Selahattin Babat


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