Used for the first time in the Chalcolithic Age (5500-3000 BC), copper has been the most important mine of Mesopotamia from trade to cuisine for thousands of years. Coppersmith, which is shaped by forging this mine, has existed for centuries in its bazaar in Mardin. In the 1970s, there were nearly 100 coppersmith shops in the coppersmiths' market. In these shops, forged copper tableware, ladle, tray, bowl, cauldron, pitcher and coffee pot were produced.
Özcan family has been continuing this craft in Mardin for four generations. His grandfather Abdülhamit Özcan, who was born in 1930, took over the profession from the master, and his sons and grandchildren continue to produce various copper souvenirs with a basilica motif in their shops in the coppersmith's market.


Abdulhamit Özcan and Family


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