In the Qur'an, ``By God, We created man (Adam) from a dry clay, a figured clay`` (al-Hijr, 15/26); It was said. That is why mankind's love for earth, water and fire. One of the cornerstones of civilization, the pottery. Humanity first shaped the mud, which he obtained by mixing water and clay, first by hand and then with a wheel. Our diet has changed, in fact, in the hands of its masters and we have passed to the watery stage and our settled life has formed our culinary culture, the thousands of years adventure of pottery. While shaping sometimes a casserole bowl, sometimes a grain cube, sometimes a perfume bottle, the masters actually shaped our life and our culture. Pottery production, which is about to disappear with the developing technology, should live on earth as long as human beings exist.
He was raised by Şeymus Kaynaka in Mardin, an Armenian master named Greek and who had been a potter in Mardin for many years, as an apprentice next to Mahmut Yedikardeş and his family and has been continuing this craft for 45 years.


Şeyhmus Kaynaka


Unesco Certified Master