Saddle Making

Since the Assyrians in Mesopotamia, donkey caravans have been carried to Anatolia in writing and civilization together with trade. And carrying loads with donkeys with saddles and saddles on their backs is as old as the history of Mardin. A sack, a sack, a reed, a felt in the hands of the palancı master turned into a fruit in Mardin bazaars so that the animals could feel comfortable.
In the 1970s, there was a palancılar market in Mardin and there were 22 shops. Ildoğan brothers, masters of this craft, have been continuing their father's business for 58 years. Their father, Münir Usta, learned this craft from an Armenian master named Sait Salbo. Aydın İldoğan, Hasipİldoğan and Mustafa Üzrek are the last masters who continue to work in palanmanship today.


Aydın İldoğan,  Hasip İldoğan, Mustafa Üzrek


Unesco Certified Master