Under Glass Painting Art

Glass is a material we prefer since the Phoenicians invented and presented to our lives until now, due to its cleanliness, transparency and easy processability. Glass, where valuable fragrances, oils and beverages were stored in ancient times, were the most common material after ceramics.
Since the Middle Ages, glasses, which have been widely used, have been used in the form of colored plates in windows, doors, cabinets and screens. Stained glass, an art of glass decoration, was born under the influence of the art of tile art in the Seljuk period. Colored glasses cut in stained glass in the form of floral and geometric motifs turn into a painting in the form of a plate.
Under glass painting, one of the applications of stained glass, is a derivative of painted stained glass. Samples with Basilisk are unique to Mardin. Tacettin Paketlı has been working on this art for 30 years.


Tacettin Toparlı


Bitmeyen Şehir Atölyesi

Unesco Certified Master