Wood Carving

Hz. The carpentry, which has existed since Noah's Ark was settled on Judi, continues to exist in these lands since then. In Mardin, where the best examples of wood carving are produced, especially walnut, hornbeam, oak and plane trees are used.
When the wood carving craftsman was 80 masters in the carpenters' bazaar in Mardin in the 1960's; Sadettin Muratoğlu, Mehmet Beşir Ceylan and Zeki Eldem remain today. Repairing the 800-year-old pulpit of the Mardin Grand Mosque and the doors and windows of the Latifiye Mosque, Sadettin Usta adds a new life to the tree by processing his soul with his patience and meticulousness.


Sadettin Muratoğlu


Unesco Certified Master